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Dennis Murnyak


I am a landscape watercolor artist. I am also an outdoor enthusiast and that is why I studied Wildlife Biology and Fisheries in college. I like to spend time outdoors each day either hiking, biking, camping, bird watching, fishing, canoeing, gardening, or cross country skiing. I often combine these activities with painting plein air and taking photos which I use for painting in the studio.

I am awed and inspired by the beauty found in nature. I enjoy painting outdoors sitting still taking in the smells, sounds, and feeling of the place. Curious deer can approach closely, birds have taken drinks from my water container, and once a bear crossed the river in front of me. I try to capture the moment in nature by being spontaneous, loose, fresh, and simple— using only a minimum of brush stokes and details to capture the essence of the place and time.

I feel best when I spend sometime each day outdoors and some time painting. I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them.

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