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Nancy Stroessner

Fiber & Leather

When I was little, before I was allowed anywhere near a sewing machine, I was designing Barbie evening gowns with stick pins and pretty floral handkerchiefs, manipulating folds of fabric into bustles and borders. Making beautiful, useful things has always been my love.
During adventures in liberal arts, business school, mommyhood, moving around the country, and owning a brick-and-mortar shop in Indiana, I’ve always kept sewing. I’ve made many, many clothes, wedding gowns, costumes for high school plays, band uniforms, and huge color guard flags.
I started sewing hats and purses seven years ago when I moved back to Minnesota and discovered its flourishing fine craft markets.
My hats were originally inspired by the hats in Doctor Zhivago and a picture I’ve had for decades of Hungarian folk hats and gloves. Ultimately made from polar fleece, the hats are soft, warm, easy to take care of, and my customers say they like them because they stay on their heads. My purses always start with something I, or a customer, needs. They’re great quality, carefully made of upholstery fabrics and lined with sturdy cotton twill, and have lots of zippers and pockets.
Inspiration usually begins with that need, and is fed by the prairie skies and flora of Minnesota, my love of early 20th-century and ethnic and folk design, and techniques borrowed from different forms of needlework. I love color and pattern, and making beautiful, practical things that help my customers express their true selves.

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