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Kim Gordon

Fiber & LeatherPainting

Painting is the most natural and direct way for me to express ideas about the world I live in and my place in it. I have a constant fascination with the way the world looks, with the way light defines and erodes form, and with the compelling tension that exists between the quiet of the landscape and the palpable vitality that flows through it. I am also fascinated with the medium of paint – how it looks when applied to a surface is as important to me as the image it forms. I think of the painted stroke as a visual language.

The watercolor batik process is actually on Kinwashi paper, but uses hot wax resist and watercolor instead of dye. The paper looks great, you can see all the fibers in it.
I enjoy working with landscape and landscape elements using a plein air approach. I can then bring back to my studio specific color harmonies and a sense of light and of movement through the landscape. Translating that relationship into paint, I can best reveal both an inner experience and a sense of place.

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