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Mary T. Bell


This book by Mary T. Bell tells the story of an adventure of six Minnesotan women that head out to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a fun filled trail ride.
While telling wild tales around a campfire, they witness a mind blowing, spectacular aurora borealis. Early the next morning they ride a little known trail only to get lost. When they return to camp, exhausted, they find that a massive solar flare has damaged the electric grid.
In a changed world, with no electricity, no cell phone service and no gasoline, these stranded women take control and decide to ride their horses back home.
What started as an adventure turns into a test of survival. They must work together to find food and water, face rattlesnakes, suffer through brutal thunderstorm’s and wrestle with their personal demons; all without succumbing to fear.
These female centaurs ride out of the hills, through the Badlands and into a new awareness.

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