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Karen Schmidt

Fiber & Leather

Karen creates unique felted sculptures from wool she raises on her farm near Preston, MN. She keeps a flock of 28 Icelandic sheep which she shears twice a year. Her fiber flock also includes llamas and alpacas. She does all of the wool processing herself with a goal of the wool looking as natural and beautiful as it did on the animal as it grazed on the hillside.


Her wool creations are the result of a year’s worth of love and effort in keeping her fiber flock. Karen enjoys every step in the process from rotational grazing the sheep all summer, to hand shearing, washing & drying and finally sitting down in the winter months and creating art. She can look at a finished piece and identify the animals by name that contributed just by looking at the fiber. She knows her sheep and her sheep know her. Her art is intended to honor the animals.

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