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Jodi Reed

Mixed Media

Jodi is a fine artist from Minneapolis specializing in fine art abstract, collage, sculptural, contemporary, landscape, acrylic and encaustic paintings. The focus of her artwork has always been about the beauty of nature, finding inspiration from its extraordinary colors and light. As she explores this idea, she has also been intrigued with nature’s ever-changing seasons, and often contemplates how nature relates to our cycles of existence. For Jodi, the process of change in nature is a constant source of wonder and inspiration. She tries to mimic this natural process and its effects by integrating many different media such as collage, encaustic (molten beeswax), printmaking and acrylic paint on various sustainable substrates such as wood, canvas, and paper. Primarily working on commission, she enjoys collaborating with clients to create artwork that leads her to the next step in the progression of her artistic development, while complementing an existing space.

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