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A.R.T. (Audacious Raw Theater) Year 5: SIMPLE GIFTS

  • July 17 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center

Catherine Glynn’s A.R.T. (Audacious Raw Theater), Lanesboro Arts, and Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center proudly present Audacious Raw Theatre Year 5: Simple Gifts on Saturday, July 17th at 7:30 pm at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center’s North Campfire Ring.

Starting on July 11, 2021, A.R.T.’s Founder, Catherine Glynn, will collaborate with Seven other professional performing ARTists for Seven days and create Seven (or more) new devised theatrical works.

What is devised work? It means the ARTists build original theatrical performances from the ground up—in a word; they are co-creators. Through a series of conversations, writing exercises, movement exploration, and improvisatory theatre techniques, they tease out the stories and performances they want to share with live audiences.

During A.R.T, the ARTists hold a week-long jam session that focuses on developing how they’d like to express their creations. By the end of the week, a more formalized show emerges. (Keep in mind —this work is always purposefully raw!)

Over the past four years, the ARTists have generated a style they call “soul-o ensemble,” a term coined by ARTist Penelope Walker. Each creation, while featuring one particular ARTist’s voice/story, also contains the fingerprints of all the ARTists. That way, the work bears each individual soul and is supported by the collective.

Year Five’s theme is “Simple Gifts.” It stemmed from the year of lockdown, where life became far more complex and also very, very simple. This year the ARTists will embrace their inner Thoreau and head to the woods (of Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center) to recreate and ReCreate themselves deliberately. As they do so, they aim to band together and “simply, simplify.”

It is a great gift to be doing this. In turn, the ARTists want to share their gifts as creative ARTists with the community of Southeastern Minnesota!

Additional Free Events:

  • Saturday (Morning) July 17, 9 am-12 pm The ARTist Are Present in Sylvan Park*
  • Sunday, (Morning) July 18, 10-10:45 am Sound Circle in  Eagle Bluff’s North Campfire Ring* (Bring your instruments and your collaborative spirit!)

*Should the weather be inclement; all events will shift to the Lanesboro Arts St. Mane Theatre located at 206 Parkway Avenue, Lanesboro, MN.

Year 5 Bios:
In keeping with the theme of Simple Gifts, the A.R.Tist bios are simple too. Here are seven things they have chosen to share about themselves, at least three of which they love…

Jerome Yorke
I am a Father (playful encouragement)
I am a Husband (loyal ally)
I am a Clown (fleeting buoyancy)
I am Artist (creator of somatic experiences)
I am Educator (know thyself through vocation)
I am Learner (know thyself through vocation)
I am Kind (it’s free)

Rayna Jhaveri
I AM an open channel
I AM everywhere & nowhere
I AM on top of the world & under the table
I AM a hypercreative underachiever
I AM intensely alive & easily bored
I AM tragically gifted & secretly introverted
I AM insanely mischievous & dead serious

Penelope Walker
I am…
I am Funny
I am Friendly
I am Moody
I am Particular
I am Lazy
I am Interested in Details
I am interested in The who what where why and how of food

Hilary Williams
1. I am spooky.
2. I am a Sagittarius
3. I am unsure
4. I am an actor
5. I am empathetic
6. I am a bad speller but have a great vocabulary
7. I am so grateful to be loved

Eric Caranza
I Listen
I Adventure
I Create
I Hug
I Experiment
I Appreciate
I am Grateful

Aurelia Clunie
I am a Poet
Truth seeker
Becoming. Thankful.

Dominque Jones
I am Patient
I am Flowing
I am Strange
I am Curious
I am Observant
I am Present
I am Evolving

Catherine Glynn
I am woman (hear me roar)
I am flexible about the way my nickname Catie/Katie is spelled & I answer to either
I am wildly creative
I am snuggly
I am at my worst self righteous and confused
I am at my best an unfettered bride of awe
I am grateful

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through grants from MSAB thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts & cultural heritage fund.

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