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Lanesboro Arts is a non-profit, multidisciplinary arts organization activating the people and places of Lanesboro, MN.

Through a diverse spectrum of community arts programming, Lanesboro Arts supports both emerging and established artists, revitalizes public spaces, and builds a sense of community and civic pride among the 754 people who call Lanesboro home. Programming includes free youth education classes, fine arts galleries, internship programs, performance art, opportunities to participate in public art, and placemaking activities. Lanesboro Arts has brought innovative arts experiences to audiences for nearly 40 years, becoming a national model for empowering communities through the arts.

COVID-19 Update: The health of our artists, community members, visitors, staff and volunteers is at the forefront of our minds at Lanesboro Arts. Taking this into account, public events at the St. Mane Theater have been postponed and the Lanesboro Arts Gallery will be open to the public only on weekends (Fri-Sun), to ensure the continued health and safety of the community.

Lanesboro Arts is not closed! We continue working behind the scenes to keep high quality arts programming possible and vibrant utilizing creative and innovative ways to serve artists and our community. As additional information becomes available, we will be in touch via email, social media, and our website regarding any updates and changes. Thank you for your patience and your trust that we are working with great care to navigate these challenging times.

Read about how these artists have enriched – and been inspired by – the vital community of Lanesboro Arts:

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