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Tom Rice


Tom Rice first became interested in wood as a teenager exploring spindle forms on an antique lathe. While the mechanics of the process were intriguing, the full extent of the medium’s creative potential didn’t become apparent until much later.

He made a connection to to the turned form about twenty years ago when he started collecting the bowls of modern Hawaiian turners. Impressed with their natural beauty, he began to understand how the form, the character of the wood, and a fine finish work together to produce a bowl that will become an heirloom piece.

When Tom finally began turning bowls, his first preference was to use wood from sustainable sources and try to respect the wood. Tom believes that a tree is a unique medium in that it has recorded its own history. It has shaded family gatherings, commemorated personal events, honored those who preceded us, and sheltered the forest dwellers.

A finished bowl is his attempt to showcase its natural characteristics using various oil and wax finishes applied by hand.

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