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Nancy Huisenga


Does a Zebra Know It’s Striped? children’s book was inspired by a poster of a zebra I saw advertising a movie a couple years ago. I found myself thinking, “Does a zebra know it’s striped?” and the rhyming response started rolling around in my head. Soon I was adding different animals and insects, and found my way from A-Z through the letters of the alphabet.

Behind the Door Marked Private: Confessions of a Small Town Bed and Breakfast Owner: In the year 2000, my husband and I left professional careers and a metropolitan area of over 2.5 million people for the small town of Lanesboro, population 754, in rural, southeastern Minnesota. For the next chapter in our lives, we would own, rehabilitate and operate the 14-room, 19th century Habberstad House Bed and Breakfast. I decided that it was important to share the inside story and a taste of a “retirement” that is anything but that, as we two city slickers learned what goes into trying to find balance in our lives as we built a very successful business.


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