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Kay Raabe


Much of Kay’s art is inspired by the human body, the vehicle for the human experience. She enjoys the play of light and color on the multitude of shapes that comprise the human form. She has been privileged to draw and paint from models who possess intelligence, elegance, and uniqueness. Her favorite pieces are those that capture the integrity of these individuals in a simple way. She works in charcoal, pastels, and oil. Lighting and composition are always her first considerations when starting a work. She usually composes her works so that the figures interact with the edges of the paper or canvas, which brings them visually closer to the viewer. She enjoyed working very close to the surface as in the case when holding a piece of charcoal or a stick of pastel. She works big and quickly as she believes this makes her works more abstract and energetic. Her works usually take less than three hours. For the time that she works on a piece, the outside world is gone. The process becomes its own reward. She appreciates the opportunity to share these works with you.


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