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Frank Stillson


For years I worked as a craftsman, primarily making furniture, including frames for my own photos. I first became interested in photography when I was at the U.of M.,. About fifteen years ago I made the switch from film to digital. My dissatisfaction with the quality of commercial prints available to the amateur photographer prompted me to learn how to edit, print and mat my own photos. It naturally followed for me to then frame them with my own Arts and Crafts inspired frames.

Broadly speaking, my photos fall into two categories:  macro photography and landscapes. Most of my macro work has entailed flora and insects, while my favorite places for landscapes have been the canoe country of northern Minnesota and Canada and the western U.S., especially Utah and Colorado, where I lived for about ten years a half a lifetime ago.

I would consider myself to be a traditionalist.  While I fully appreciate the enormous technical advances in photographic hardware and software, I prefer minimally manipulated images.  As a goal in my own editing and printing, I want my prints to, as accurately as possible, correspond to the scene in my memory, and I try to stay within the bounds of what once could have been accomplished in the darkroom.

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