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Jovy Rockey


My work is inspired by my appreciation for simplicity and modernism. I’m very drawn to geometric
shapes, curves, and simple lines. This is what embodies my styling. I create my jewelry using basic metal
forging and wire working techniques. I work with sterling silver, gold fill, brass, copper, stainless steel, and
niobium metals. I enjoy using additional elements such as semi-precious stones, glass, and textured metal
while still retaining the minimalist effect of the overall piece. My collection includes earrings and necklaces,
and occasionally features rings, individual pendants and bracelets. I am a self-taught artist who has been
creating jewelry since 2011. I am continually learning new techniques and growing with new design concepts.
In addition to creating, I also host and curate a variety of events to help bring the community and artists
together in a variety of venues. I currently reside in Winona, MN with my husband, three sons, and two
adorable dogs.

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