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Re-envisioned: Art in the Park 2020

In response to COVID-19, Lanesboro Arts presents Art in the Park 2020 as a social-distanced and virtual event from June 20th through June 30th, 2020. After serious consideration, Lanesboro Arts has decided to re-envision Art in the Park 2020 to ensure the safety of artists and community members. Thus, Art in the Park will not take place in person per usual, but will instead be adapted for Lanesboro’s virtual and social distance-appropriate spaces.

The re-envisioned Art in the Park launches Saturday, June 20th and will go through Tuesday, June 30th with three components: 1) a drive-in art viewing at Sylvan Park; 2) accompanying short podcast episodes featuring artists talking about their work; and 3) a social media campaign featuring photos of work and short testimonials from Art in the Park artists.

Starting in Sylvan Park, the drive-through Art in the Park experience will showcase large-scale printed images of select artists’ pieces, covering a diverse range of artists that specialize in various craftsmanship such as jewelry, pottery, wood carving, and painting. Some of these works will have a corresponding interview with the artist via a podcast episode. Participants can listen to interviews with select artists on any device that can stream podcasts such as smartphones, as well as the Lanesboro Arts website while viewing the art. Even more artists will be featured via the social media campaign. All Art in the Park artists were encouraged to submit work for these various components.

Lanesboro Arts’ passion for promoting artistic creativity remains strong. As an organization with a mission of supporting artists, Lanesboro Arts aims to continue that through COVID-19 friendly programming adjustments such as Art in the Park Re-envisioned.

We also acknowledge that this is an extremely difficult time for artists, with traditional sales avenues such as art festivals like Art in the Park being upended due to the spread of COVID-19. Thus, we’d like to share some artist resources in place for artists whose incomes have been affected by COVID-19. You can find the Artist Emergency Fund through Springboard for the Arts here.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to celebrating the 40th anniversary of Art in the Park with you next year on Saturday, June 19, 2021!

For more on the event, including photos from past years and ways you can get involved, please click here.

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