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Music at ART IN THE PARK: Little Fevers

Little Fevers is a sweet and crunchy amalgamation of pop rock that has formed, much like a pearl, over many years around a tiny grain of sand. Little Fevers emerged in 2013, floating up out of the ocean to walk around on land. Comprised of musicians who, having operated as longtime collaborators in Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles, have honed their craft traveling the country together for several years. The group is a project curated by the eyes and ears of those that sit on the same little raft, letting the sun wash over them as they paddle and splash to their next port of call. The first whispers of an album were passed back and forth, cross-country, as the parts came together to form something distinctly whole. Much of the album was laid down at Vacation Island in Brooklyn with the remaining bits assembled at Old Blackberry Way in Minneapolis. Invoking the playfulness of bands like Pavement and the Violent Femmes, and vocal textures of idols such as Peter Gabriel and The Microphones to form something all their own, Little Fevers released their debut album “Field Trip” on Oct. 9th, 2015.

Little Fevers will be performing on the gazebo stage at Art in the Park as a trio with Lucy Michelle on vocals and guitar, Eamonn McLain on bass, and Geoff Freeman on percussion. Lucy Michelle has previously performed several times in Lanesboro, including gigs at the Lanesboro Legion, the Riverside on the Root, and the Sons of Norway Hall.

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