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Tucker Hollingsworth


Collectively Tucker’s body of work attempts to discover ways to infuse subjectivity into photography, an art form traditionally celebrated for its objectivity. Its primary goal has been to expand the perceived limitations of photography. Various interests–opening up the camera to time to visualize its effects and consequences; visualizing self-conscious interior noise-process to link together human and mechanical vision; making photographs with a wearable camera so as to allow the body or essence of the photographer to influence the perception of the exposure and even introduce this notion of subjectivity–amplify the possibility for new ways of image-making. Although ostensibly disparate, the landscape-based and the camera-noise images both reflect the evolving and more complex, underlying themes in his work: the boundaries between structure and disorder, the constructed versus the observed landscape, imaginary versus real places, a visual mystical realism, and the layering of time.


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