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Karen Lisa Forbes

Fiber & LeatherJewelry

Karen considers herself an “outside” artist. With no formal training in the arts she feels she is the vessel rather than the originator of her art; the art moves through her and uses her to manifest itself. After being introduced to this form of macramé in 2009 when she met local macramé artist Dawn Standera she’s since take two workshops (24 hours total) in Cavendoli knotting. Working in .5mm C-lon nylon or 1mm Settanyl waxed polyester and watching pieces emerge one half-hitch knot at a time is both mesmerizing and meditative. She only roughly sketches each piece, using drawings merely as jumping off points. What she enjoys most is allowing the cord to dictate the piece. Her job is to follow where it wants to go and learn what it will and will not do.


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